Ear Infections

One thing that is bound to keep a surfer out of the water is an ear infection.  Ear infections can happen in many different ways, but one of the primary ways that they happen is when water gets trapped inside of a person's ear.  Water, especially sea water, has all sorts of bacteria in it. When bacteria filled sea water gets trapped inside the warm ear canal, it can proliferate causing painful and harmful infections.

That's why it is essential to ensure proper drainage of your ear after a surf session. If you are finding it difficult to drain your ear after a session, it may indicate that your ear canal has closed up due to Surfers Ear.  Regardless, its important to clean out and dry ears that are full of water to ensure bacteria doesn't flourish. Using drops like our specially formulated Surfers Ear Drops can help dry out ears and prevent warm water from collecting in your ear.  That warm water is a paradise for bacteria!